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For God So Loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not persih, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Welcome to our blog and God Bless you

Thank you for visiting us via internet. We hope that you find our blog interesting and we want you to feel free to post comments about the blog or ask questions. Our goal in Monclova is to reach out to as many special needs children and their families as God opens the door for us.

Our goal for 2008 is to buy a new location for La Nueva Esperanza School for children with Special Needs, John 3:16 Church and our ministry headquaters. At this time we are paying high rent on the building we are in now and it is also upstairs which makes it very diffilcult for some children that need to be in our program.

We need $100.000 to see this goal accomplished, we need you prayers and also you financial help. We need 100 people to give $1,000.00 each but if you can give any amount towards this very worthy project it would be appreciated. If you would like to help us, please send you offerings to:

International Association John 3:16 Ministries, P. O. Box 5749, Eagle Pass, TX 78853. Our phone # is 956-285-0415 or 956-285-3428. You can also email us at lorraineregister@yahoo.com
God Bless you for remembering the "special ones."

Note: Praise Report, In August of 2008 we made the final payment on our new location. We ahve beeninour new location on Privad Aldama street since that time. the school is continuing on in full force and everything is paid. We give all the glory to God and thank each of you who had a part in it. IN less than a year and a half God provoded over 100,000 dollars and paid for the school, missionaries' home and ministry headquaters.

What about us,who are we?

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Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico
Lawrence and I have been married 43 years and have seven children and six grandchildren. We are missionaries in Monclova, Coah. Mexico our youngest daughter Blanca age 13. We have been missionaries in Monclova, for 22 years and our ministry has always been for the children. Blanca was adopted and was born with Down syndrome and since her adoption our ministry has been for the children with special needs in our city. If you wish to help this work you may send all correspondence to Association International John 3:16 Ministries, PO Box 5749, Eagle Pass,TX 78853. Tel:956-285-0415,

Monday, January 07, 2008

A message from the field

We are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to work for Him, and we feel the urgency of the day of our Lord's return. So we say to all the saints everywhere engaged in His work, take courage in the Lord, and be faithful to the end.

His servant in the ministry,
Lawrence Register

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